We are all animals, but the quartet of musicians that form power rock outfit Audio Revival are a breed apart. With 'Animals,’ the band’s debut EP (Released September 1, 2016), Audio Revival has sharpened a distinct musical voice that combines angular, musical technicality with the rollicking, raw intensity of singer Jake Flaherty’s primordial vocals. Through various styles, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to deliver something identifiable yet unparalleled.

Formed in New York City in late 2012, Audio Revival is an unlikely collection of stoners, band geeks and one former All-American linebacker for the Syracuse Orange football team. With the help of three-time Grammy award-winning producer Dave Clauss (Shakira, Marin Morris, Justin Bieber, U2, Paul Simon), Audio Revival released a series of singles in 2015 to critical fanfare and spent much of the year playing shows across the Northeast.

Their debut EP ‘Animals’, was just nominated for the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards (Rock EP) and debuted on the NACC and CMJ Radio 200 Charts, quickly gaining support of over 100 stations across North America. It marks another collaboration with Clauss, finding the band more at home in its sound. “I’ll Be Here,” the album’s first single, is friendly and fun while never straying from Audio’s Revival high-energy rock roots. The title track pays homage to the wild howler monkey that lives deep inside us all. 


Spins on over 100 stations across North America, including:

WCSF Chicago, WXAV Chicago, CHYZ Quebec, WICB Ithica, WRSU New Brunswick, Radio Phoenix, WVAU Washington DC, KFSR Fresno, WTCC Springfield, WSND Notre Dame,
KRUA Anchorage, UMSL St. Louis, M3 Radio (Brooklyn), WRUR Rochester, WPNR Utica, WNYO Oswego,
WCNI New London, WTSR Ewing, WDCV Carlisle, PA,
KTUH Honolulu, KSCU Santa Clara, KDUP Portland,
KSYM San Antonio, WIUX Bloomington





INTRODUCING - Audio Revival - 1095 
– Jungle Indie Rock

"Great alt rock band from Astoria, NY. The band was founded in 2012 and they have a clear influence by Muse, The Black Keys or Foo Fighters. It is not easy, I guess, to be a remarkable band when playing on this genre, but Audio Revival have a solid base and they could make great things."

The Best of Long Island & Queens - The Top 30 
– Good Times Magazine

"A hint of folk, the words are a story to be told. The guitars and bass are steady as a rock, offering hooks and warmth"


“AR's sound is founded on the plethora of influences engrained in them by the music of their formative years and parents’ record collections. Through various styles, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to deliver something identifiable yet unparalleled.”


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Licensing/Media: rob@robertsayegh.com

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